While I am a documentary wedding photographer, I’m also a detailed visual planner. Together, we’ll envision and plan for the important frames before the wedding so that they can be captured day-of without interruption. The results are totally immersive. Simply step into your wedding and enjoy the distinct emotions and aesthetics.


From the beginning, I’ll take the time to understand you and the subtle details of your story with a personal approach — and maybe a coffee shop date or two. I’ve refined a process with clear communication and guidance throughout so you can take in the beauty of it all — both the planned and the delightfully unexpected. 


The photojournalistic nature of my work thrives on personal connection and embracing the imperfections. You’ll notice when we work together, starting with your engagement session, I’ll dedicate the time to actually get to know you — individually and as a couple. The more I learn and connect with you, the better I can genuinely tune into the intricacies of your story — and then capture them honestly without interrupting the moment.

The Approach That Makes A Difference

Wedding Photographer in PA

The philosophy behind MisaFlix is to subtly & sincerely document what means the most to you.

Capturing The Curated & Natural Moments With Visual Planning & A Lot Of Heart

Wedding Photographer in PA

I’m originally from Connecticut so the charming atmosphere of New England is home for me. My husband, Harry, gets the credit for introducing me to photography and often joins me as we peruse the halls of nearby museums. I also savor moments snuggled up with my cat — a Scottish Fold named Peanut.

A New England native & wedding photographer in Pennsylvania

Meet Misa

Seeking New Perspectives & Discovering Creativity Through Travel

The more I travel, the more well-rounded I feel as an individual — but especially as a photographer. The influence of new cultures, landscapes, and experiences seep into every aspect of my work. Though, I must say, what continues to draw me back time and again are the endless works of the Louvre in Paris. Every corner and work of art is unique to the artists themselves — nothing looks alike. From the color, to the textures and composition, each piece has a different story to tell. Now, each time I photograph a wedding, I think back to the sheer diversity and unrivaled creativity of these works and I challenge myself to seek a new perspective within my own art.

Wedding Photographer in Pennsylvania

Misa was an absolute gem of a photographer to work with. As a South Asian bride, I had a total of 4 wedding events with 4 different photographers and Misa’s work was by far my favorite!!! Not only that, but she was the best personality to work with as well. She was SO patient, calming, and kind… Having a photoshoot with her felt so easy and natural, she knows exactly what she’s doing.

Sabiha & Yasir

“Her energy is exactly what you need on your big day.”

The ocean, and the tranquility it brings.

Horseback riding with my husband, and the unrivaled sense of peace it gives us.

Iced coffee, year-round. It’s a New Englander thing.

My European heritage — my family is from a small country in Europe called Bosnia & Herzegovina
(I speak fluent Bosnian).

Donuts — constantly searching for the best shop (Sidecar in Cali is the frontrunner).

The inspiring scenery of striking architecture like Seville, Spain’s rich colors.

Personal growth — I just feel better after a good workout. or a healthy meal.

Art museums, and the unique perspectives of every piece.

New destinations (like Paris and Turkey) and the refreshing insights they bring.

My Inspirations, Big & Small

Connecting with you two is at the core of my process as a wedding photographer. But you can find other details like collections and portfolio samples below.

Take A Moment To See It All

Wedding Photographer in PA


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