April 14, 2023



Misa Uvalic



New York Engagement Session

Vijeta & Kevin – this New York engagement session is forever my favorite day. We hung out around this beautiful city for an entire day and captured where their love story began. Growing up, I had a love for this city. I dreamed of attending NYU’s nursing program and renting a tiny little apartment. However, here we are 4 years later with my nursing degree from UConn :).

To start off the day, we first went to the Brooklyn Bridge for our best chances for photos – the later we wait, the less worth it due to the crowds. We got there about half an hour before sunrise and as we were walking up got to enjoy the beauty of it. Of course, nothing compares to the hustle bustle of the Brooklyn bridge during the day, but being one of few people there at sunrise made it feel special.

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer
Philadelphia Wedding Photographer
Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Next, we headed to DUMBO. I have never been to Pebble Beach in the area, but I will absolutely be making my way back to this place next time. It is so cute and such a pretty view of the city with the bridge as well! There is colosseum-like seating.

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

After this point, we were all pretty hungry and thirsty so we decided to stop by Ralph Lauren’s coffee shop. It is a spot that gets hype all over social media, but I will say it is some of the best coffee that I have had!

Once our energy was back, we were on the hunt for some picnic food and flowers before we headed to Central Park. We found a cute floral shop, but it was closed!!! So, we just grabbed the picnic food and headed to the park.

Side note – we stopped at the Harry Potter store and it is soooooooooo cool!!!! Highly recommend if you are in the city to head over there!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer
Philadelphia Wedding Photographer
Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Following Central Park, we took a break and Vijeta and Kevin went to change into sporty wear before heading to the West Side Highway. They spent a lot of time here together going on runs, biking, etc. They have their own handshake they do before they start their exercise!! So cute.

V + K changed one last time and we headed back to the Brooklyn Bridge/DUMBO area. This spot truly made me consider purchasing a home nearby here simply to have date nights here with family and friends enjoying the view – I mean come on! It can’t get better than this.

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

To end the night, we headed down the street to Juliana’s – one of their favorite pizza shops. It was wickedly busy so we grabbed pizza from the shop right by there and it tasted delicious! However, not better than Modern pizza ;).

Documenting Vijeta & Kevin’s love story in a city that never sleeps was everything. They brought me to places I would have never seen myself. I truly felt like I got to see the in’s and out’s of their love and to go to all these places that had meaning to them made this photoshoot feel complete. I seldom get to do a whole day session with my couples, but whenever I get the opportunity I do not miss it! If anyone wants to do a New York engagement session, forever count me in.

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